The Lightdome Ferrous Particle Extraction System™

The Lightdome Ferrous Particle Extraction System™  is constructed using polymerized units of the monomer ethylene terephthalate, for maximum wave transduction, lightness, and durability and can be bought from me at a low low low price of only 345 euro.for you my friend only 345 Euro..

for you my friend only 345 Euro..

Alternatively you can make you own for the low low price of a bottle of coke ( you be the judge if you think you should drink it). Just cut in half, fit a vacuum source up to and position over the chamber, You still have light in your port but the nasty iron particles get sucked out.

2 thoughts on “The Lightdome Ferrous Particle Extraction System™

  1. Hotz says:

    That’s great technology…lol.

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