Viva duct tape and the interweb and some McGyvering

I needed a good way to filter out evil and ugly griding grit. After a bit of searching on the interweb I found some info on cyclonic separators and I decided to do a proof of concept. Oneira sell a Dusty Deputy for 35 USD in the states, I can buy the same part in Germany but then it cost 75 euro ( at current exchange rates 92 usd).  Then I viewed a youtube film showing how a guy had build one for his CNC router using those large soft drink cups and ducktape..

As they only sell sane drink sizes in europe I decided that had to find some other suitable material. So I found some kind of plastic vase with a taper and a shaker drink cup with a lid and a taper.Drilled a few holes freehand and burred them out till they sort of fit well enough, cut of the bottoms of the vase and cup with a kitchen knife (my knives are very sharp, so watch finger position or saw them off )

the beauty of tapers is that as long as one is slightly bigger than the other it will always fit and almost always seal. I did some very shifty ”engineering”  and came up with this:

Eat your heart out McGyver

The bore adapted is just to keep it upright untill i find a suitable bin.  The collector is a household clear plastic tray about 3 cm high clamped to the bottom for the time being. The tapered section is about 35 cm long in total.

How does it work…

About as well as a Heizenberg compensator, which is very well.As far as i can tell the air is forced into a circular path at the top, forcing particles to centrifuged out due to the centripedal forces, the fine dust is then in the boundary layer and will find its way down due to gravity.

To test I fed it some stuff, and it did indeed end up in the bottom. As a facsimile for grinding grit I used about 100 grams of kitchen salt and I could count the number of grains that ended up in the vacuum. Bigger particles filter out as well.

I’ll seal this one together with magic putty and keep using it for with small vacuums and will build a bigger one in sheet metal for use with my motor box. I”ll modify the top of the cyclone to incorporate an automotive filter as they are cheap and come with all the needed bits (rubber edges) , that way the motors will not see any dust

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