Tool update : removing a very very stuck chuck

It is not fully A-series related, but here is the new addition to the madhouse. Build in 1950 in Britain and used mostly to wind electric motors. It does have some battle scars and while it generally was not too dirty (like some grime pit lathes you sometimes see) every crevice was full of hard cruddy 60 year old crap . I cleaned most of it off by disassembling and soaking and brushing in oil based MPM degreaser. While it smells a bit nasty it does do a good job and leaves a nice clean part.

look clean , but isn't really

looks clean , but isn’t really


cleaner than it was


Back together. Quite a lot of effort for not much visual effect. I’ll call the look ”heavy relic”

The one remaining problem was that the chuck was very very stuck. The crosslide looked like someone managed to run it under the chuck. The backgears are in tatters, probably because someone tried to get the chuck unstuck by locking the back gear and levering/pounding the chuck. As they where broken anyway I tried a long lever without shock loading leading to a bit more broken teeth. I considered wedging and heating but as the bearings are babbit/whitemetal this idea was short lived. The two remaining options where taking the whole shaft out and putting it in a vice with leather padding, however having applied a considerable amount of torque already I feared that the amount of clamping required would deform the hollow spindle so I resorted to the brute force solution.. turning the whole darn thing to kingdom come.


After starting of with a few cuts and spraying cast iron everywhere I quickly set up a few chip containment units and got a vacuum cleaner.


the cast iron machines quite well with a Widia/Tungsten tool and allows for quite heavy cuts with the slides locked and tight.


Getting there. First I turned it up to the shoulder then slowly shaved it down to reveal the rust underneath


I took a very light facing cut to better show of where the treads would start and I managed to fine cut my way just to the the rusty crest this way


Some rust


note the rust and the spiral of the thread


Victory is mine !!

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2 thoughts on “Tool update : removing a very very stuck chuck

  1. Tony says:

    You can still get new parts for Myford Lathes:

    • mowog says:

      I was aware that for this machine most parts are readily available if not cheap. I have bought a used SCA 110mm chuck to replace the battered original , but the backplate was a bigger thread so i need to fit a new one. Back gears are in the process of being shipped so slowly getting there

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