Feel the power of the smurf !


Congratulations to Richard ,and  Jim and Jan and further crew with the stellar performance in the VARAC Canadian Historic Grand Prix  16-06-17. One win and a few 2nd 3rd and 4th places the last one just the odd second behind a Ford Cosworth powered Ginetta which unlike a mini has Aerodynamics.

Ginetta G4

a found on the net Ginetta, really light, slippery shaped and with a Ford “Kent” Cosworth    x- flow under the bonnet




A very wet slightly unhappy Smurf during a shakedown/race earlier this year. The unhappiness was due to dying ignition parts it later turned out. Still running mid pack with 2,75 cylinders working

The Cooper S is smurf blue and equipped with an actual Smurf to make it go faster. I have been trying to do my small part to further the engine “development program” (the team being a few blokes in a shed with wild ideas with a fixation for 5 ports a series). After a few tries ( well 5) the pin now seems to stay firmly put in the A series grenade and it did it’s best to sound like a proper race car while revving to quite scary speeds for the whole weekend. It also managed to beat all other a series powered cars a few times so I’m quite chuffed to have played a part.

Plans to squeeze a bit more power out of it are in motion, so hopefully we can bridge the aero gap with slippery cars like a Ginetta, although looking at the  approximately  350 isch bhp (from a 997 cc !)  of the Project 64Kiwi LSR mini which did  146 mph, the long back straight will always be a challenge when you are shaped like a brick 🙂




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