Instability problems in the simulation.

In my quest the get a decent Siamese model up and running I have hit a snag. At certain rpms (around 3000) the  model does not want to stabilize. I think that the torque dip I have at lower rpm’s is down to this behaviour. As these programs work using iteration cycles it needs a few for the model to reach an equilibrium.  Normally 8-10 cycles suffice, however the LCB I painstakingly modelled makes for a model that still is all over the place after 25 cycles with no signs of any stable pattern . Thing is, you have to stare at the number while they are being produced.. Dr N from Vannik is looking into it . Hopefully he has some answers.

meanwhile I feel like I’m in the matrix.


The glitch in the matrix was…. tadaaah a bit of user error ( managed to reverse a port) and the cam is just odd and reverse flows quite badly. Dr Neels has provided (that is what I call customer service) some extra tricks to help with analysing siamese heads and I will have to see what I can learn there

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2 thoughts on “Instability problems in the simulation.

  1. NO NO NO jooost!!! this does not mean you have a valid excuse to walk around the wards in blck skin tight pvc!!!! keep that for home use only …sheeesh.

  2. mowog says:

    doh ! forgot.

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