Slowly getting running again..

Winter is done, skis and assorted mountain gear is back in storage and very slowly I’m getting back to this other minor obsession.

I have pulled the mental trigger on EngMod4T ( at the price of filling up with petrol for three and a bit times I feel I should just do it). And hope to get some insights into the whole Siamese port thing. Mainly having (virtual) pressure measurements in the various parts of the intake tract could be quite interesting.

I have sourced some metal filled epoxy that shows some promise for filling in ports and have found some other interesting ones sporting extreme temperature resistance (thermosteel.. 1300 C proof and will endure direct flame contact.. if it will stay put when you add it to a engine that gets heat cycled..who knows ??  But apparently even JB weld stays put when you prep the surface well ( in intake ports.. not in exhaust ports).

will adding to the port floor improve the SSR ? or should you focus on resonance to get the air/fuel mix in..


Still have to et a decent bore adapter made for my 12g202 project.. its quite annoying that the bore diameter of a small bore a series is not quite the same as any easily available pipe but I will find something that will work.

I’m confused allready..


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