Testing the simulated water

As I still need some parts for a bore adapter to get sensible results for the 202 project, I am tryingmy hand at bit of simulation. In this case EngMod4T, one of the few that you can use to simulate the blasted siamese ports. I am using a trail version just to see if I can wrap my head around the various concepts.

Luckily I was battling myself  through Blairs 4 stroke book on which this is all based so most of it is reasonably straight forward. Some of it decidedly not, especially the heat and combustion modelling is rather complicated. Furthermore constructing a reasonable geometry is not straight forward

First step is to model a bog standard 1275 (well 1310). My efforts so far have been less than stellar.. it does not seem to want to run faster than 4000 rpm using a cam I know will rev to 7500 rpm easily .. well I must be doing something wrong then.

The program is very capable and can simulate even odd stuff like the amount of noise generated, bhp per cylinder, EGT’s etc etc.  But GIGO applies firmly.. and so far I obviously have been feeding it BS 🙂

Funny thing is that the most essential tool to have when using this program is a note pad and a pen to sketch the various pipes and collectors with the dimensions so you can keep track.Image

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