small gains in high plains

I have found a tiny but worthwhile bit more flow ( about 1,9 cfm to slightly above 125 cfm@28 inch depression) and lost none just by reworking the chunky section between the two intakes with a narrow 30 cm piece of cloth backed  emery . the amount of metal removed is tiny but it now does not seem to stall as badly as before (i.e. you now actually get more flow when you lift more at very high lift whether as before, it just gave up). The gain is in a lift range that is very much in very hairy cam territory ( e.a. 11 to 12,5 mm with 1.5 rockers) or merely imaginary (14mm)> however it does emphasise that this area affects both very low and very high lift. It’s not really mentioned in Vizard’s’yellow book.

I guess i’ll beaver away at this region a bit more.

right hand side is being worked on

note the area as marked by the red arrows in the photograph above

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