The Oz Option

Just as a weird idea..

The antipodean option

practical.?. not really

The australian manifold.. It is very impractical as you need to fit an Antipodean exhaust system as well.. but working from the idea that is good to initiate the turn as early as possible as the SSR is too small I just gave it a whirl.

The oz effect.. quite a bit of  mid lift loss and Lo and behold: quite a bit more of high lift gain..

remember those amber CRT’s of yore..

The idea of redirecting flow upward early on , to get a bit of high lift gain seems to work to some extent. It has to be seen it this can be achieved without the mid lift loss and a manifold that will fit  with a normal exhaust system

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3 thoughts on “The Oz Option

  1. sorry , just seen this. clearly you know about manifolds putting flow in different places. all i would say is this is VERY interesting but not practical – not said in a bad way. i think the ultimate 5 port head for a minispares single su manifold will be different to the ultimate 5 port head that is used with a 7 inch weber manifold.

  2. in aug 1994 fast car did a “mini 35 years old tuning pullout” I have just found it and scanned it in to my pc. the interesting part that I have not seen anywhere else is vizard says “conventional factory-style su intake manifolds need a flat-bottomed port, because the air climbs over the bridge of the carb, bounces off the roof and then flows on the floor at the siamesed section.” the weber requirement is the opposite. there is a nice pic illustrating the port at the manifold face. how do I get the scanned page(s) to you?

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