Modified 12g940 Port Casting in silicone

A casting of the head I’m working on . Port of Cylinder 1&2, cast in one go with silicone with a bit more thixo added. So this time without a first thin layer with thixo and then a second. I must say the other mold of the 202 head is slightly better, even though it used slightly more silicone (because of the loss by making two batches), and was quicker to dry as well. The bowls are now cast solid and where a lot harder to extract this way. But the Siamese section is still hollow, so with a little wd40 and some pressing of my fingers it came out fairly easy.

I worked on the #2 port so if you see differences it is due to this fact.

12G940 bottom view port #1+2 cylinder.

As the curing took longer than last time/I expected. I managed to rip the right hand bowl a bit when i tried getting valves out too early.

note difference between left and right port ( left is the one I’m working on)

Side view. Note that due to the softness of the silicone the port sags a bit on the valves ,so the port floor is slightly more horizontal than it looks now

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