Port molds ahead

As I am a bit stuck flow wise I took some time figuring out what to do next. I ordered some RTV silicone for make port molds. That way I can figure out how my port looks and how to improve it. I looked at silicone for molding in an art shop but the price was silly 44 euro sans catalyst for a 1kg can. After searching the WWW I managed to get 1kg of silicone catalyst and thixo for 33 euro send to my door. (http://www.siliconesandmore.nl)

I hope that when I thicken the silicone I can save on silicone and be able to extract the molded piece from the siamese port. Rather than fully filling I will try to paste it on quite thickly, but still leave a hole in the middle so that you can still compress the molded piece to extract it. Other option is to use foam pieces as fillers that can be crushed when you have to extract the molded piece, Or cast it in two parts.

The silicones are in… now i need to get pouring


I tried to see if you can get a piece of foam out of the port.. it is very hard. I have started to do my first attempt. Idea is to just coat the walls with silicone with a bit of thixo added (0.1%) and then overlay that with a second thicker layer after an hour or so. The proces works best I think if you more or less do an impression of rotation molding..but it is a pain to do slowly whirling a 12 kilo lump of irn.

This will need a bit of experimentation.

As a Volvo also has a 90 degree port with a similar chamber I decided to ask a Swede ( Mr Erland Cox) how he does it and he pointed out something interesting. The trouble with a 90 degree port is that there is just not enough SSR anyway you cut it. If you try to make the whole port floor curve much earlier you can get better results.

also of interest: http://www.topplocksverkstan.se/FLODESMODULEN.html if you let Google translate the page it comes out pretty well I must say.

Look at the CFD of the 120 degree bend.

I will see if I can get this concept to work.

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