recalibrating and intake radii revisited

Even though you know you have to take absolute flow numbers with a fair pinch of salt ( you have happy benches just as you have happy dyno’s) I feels kind of bad when you get numbers after recalibrating that are a low lower than before. This time I fitted the Audietech test orifice in a plate that I can put on the plenum without having to take things apart and recalibrate before each testing session. My flowbench seems pretty unhappy now.


A few retests where in order.


1) 51 and 52 are just same setup as test 50 just with new calibration 53 and 54 are with a clay radius directly on the head and a 12.7 mm carb spacer.. Note that the re tests ( 51-52) are pretty much the same and well within 1%. And that there is no significant difference between a clay radius and a carb spacer with a BIG mismatch.



clay is shaped into a half donut shape. Note big step is about the radius of the donut shape. Looks like the air is making its own radius intake this way. Flow curves are nigh on identical

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